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* It's just merely a simple blog, as simplicity is always the beauty of life. *

17 August 2015

The truth within

Little that I know,
The outcome is far more worse than what I expected. 
Hard work pay off with excellence,
But that doesn't seems to be the case, at least for now.

Sometimes we struggle to maintain a height of our own
or a standard we set for the sake of some certain agendas.
In turn, we hold on the existence that self-confidence is part of the vital elements
for it's execution. 

Sooner, as days go by,
I realized it is just an illusion created to cover up the fact that
It is not going to work so well.

Maybe it's just, what it's meant to be.
Maybe it's there for a reason.
Maybe that's the hard truth, and I can't possibly be the one alter it.

Time will tell, 
so do the rest.

08 June 2015


Things you never think off,
Will show up with much surprise factors.

At such momentum,
what you experience will crawl back to where it belongs.

Indeed it is anticipated,
but the impact felt is way too harsh to recover.

That moment of time,
It is impossible to find
things that define clarity.

For now,

I am doom.

01 April 2015

Tribute from an Audiophile Wannabee.

Never thought that I will spend such money for such item.
A 500 bucks headphone.
Judging from the price it's truly something out of the world.
something out of my world to be exact.

But the moment I wear it,
Best thing so far in my life. 

*Truly a masterpiece from Audio Technica.

Ps: I plan to get another one that cost 1000 bucks,
but meh,
If I get that,
I"ll have to eat cucumber for the rest of the month. 
Till next time,
I will get ya!

20 November 2014


The moment I stepped in here,
Seeing 20 of you was like a total nightmare to me.

I barely met all of you two days after we registered.
And honestly, It's just like another student life for me.
Not until I really get to know everyone of you.

No one will ever think off how all of us managed to pull this over the course of time.
We fought,
We shouted,
We gossiped,
any other things we can think of.

In fact,
Saying goodbye should be my least concerns,
but things changed.
I can't.

5 and a half years,
5 and a half years.
I got literally gazillions of ups and downs.
and mostly it's with 19 of you.

I didn't remember everything,
but somehow I feel we did a lot of things together.

From class events, to compulsory events.
It seems there were a lot of memories that left behind every journey we took.
And when I meant we,
I meant 20 of us.

Frankly speaking,
we wont have any chance for
20 of us to engage in a same classroom anymore.

Seriously thou,
I have too much to talk about, and it will take me years to finish it.
Still, I love to keep it that way,
the unfinished stories about us that left with
our faded silhouettes.

Thank you.
And I really really really meant it.

If someone ask me,
I will say,
5 and a half years,
I got 19 classmates,
and that bunch classmates are what make me what I am
right now.



07 November 2014

A cry for love

Let's say I created this blog for one sole purpose.
Make it two this time.

1) Place for me to express every single thing I felt.
2) Confession of the unwanted things that happened.


There is time,
things are meant to be in this way.
I got your world.
You got my world.
Our world?
We got it, flawlessly.

Things didn't go messy.
I supposed so.

In times,
We had great moments.
We had unforgettable memories.

And also.

In times, 
We had great fights.
We had unforgettable chaos.

And the reason we had all of those,
it's nearly all because of the same issues.


It got me thinking,
From one particular incident onward. 

Change is what required,
and with change everything becomes possible.

I changed. Like in an overall scale.
What happened is that.
It won't last.
Not once, but countless of times.

Chances had been given.
Trials had been made.
End up,
Same flaw in the house.

Things might be different in future,
As what the perspective goes.
Yet things had gone to far to be called different.

There is no difference in future,
Cause it didn't exist in the first place.

A shared feeling
This is what you have.
This is what you can
This is what I don't.
 This is what I can't

A person like me,
Aren't meant for person like you.
You will fall into the shadow,
You will step into the abyss,
and all of that are the results of what I am.

The silver lining is that,
There are a lot of people out there,
That are born with a perfect shared feeling.
In another word
Others deserved more of your tears,
Compare to me.

Let go
Isn't meant to be a future tense.
It is always a present tense.

I am sorry for dragging you in this.
But my greatest gratitude to you,
as with you
That 1 and a 1/2 year is still an amazing journey up to date.

And as always
May god be with you.

19 January 2014

Post Dengue.

I should have started writing about this months ago.
But meh
Why not now?


One of a kind
From fever to agonizing pain

Indescribable terror
Physically and Mentally
 You just plainly wish you can sleep 
and nothing else matters you.

Time seems to be the only remedy
Talk about other unknown medicine
All of it just made it worse

In that slight moment
Health is everything.

On a side note

I had my chance to spent my time leisurely
During that 
A lot of things came into my mind.
From the slightest divergence,
To the most significant coincidence

  and in that particular instance
I just realized

I am blessed

So when asked about my dengue experience
I will say

Without what I have now
There wont be what I am now.

So dengue?
It's just another down in my life.

*The Nightmare*

07 January 2014

Two Thousand Fourteen.

Last year by having the highest superiority among all.

It's definitely something there.
Something that,
Suffice the needs of being the most experienced,
but unfortunately the oldest.

A god damn four and a half years.
Up next?

Total Clueless.

Still future things are meant to be wondered.
Yet the mysterious future is chained.
Chained to your past, or my past.

It's a great past.
And by great, I mean it.

Ups and Downs
High and Low
Joy and Misery

What a time. What a past.

Two Thousand Fourteen.
No more dramas,
No more stories.

It's a climax of a movie.
Once and for all.